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We are a very busy vodka and cocktail bar in the heart of Glasgow's west end on Ashton Lane , the centre of west end nightlife, famous for great nights out. We are quite small so the atmosphere is very family like and you naturally feel like letting yourself go a bit wild.

Vodka Wodka opened in 2001 as one of the first cocktail bars in Glasgow when Ashton Lane used to be a quiet cobbled lane. That has changed dramaticaly over the past few years!

Our majority of customers are students, but anyone is welcomed. We specialise in vodka and you can find over 70 different vodkas form around the world. We also stock a great range of other spirits too. Or try one of our 7 different beers and lagers on tap we believe our draft lager is always perfectly served.

Our staff are friendly and well trained and able to help you decide on the best cocktail or vodka for you.

You can enjoy a chilled out lunch. We serve an Italian menu as well as home made soup and ciabbatas. Served from 12 - 7pm.

The summer garden is the best spot to chill in the west end on hot summer nights. It’s really jumping so would advise you to come early as our capacity is easily reached. Check out our events for sizzling BBQs, flairing shows and much more.